Turkmenistan to buy eight warships in Turkey

Dearsan New Type Patrol Boat, by DEARSAN

Turkmenistan to buy eight warships in Turkey

Published on Monday, 17 June 2013 Written by The Times of Central Asia

ASHGABAT (TCA) ―Turkmenistan will buy eight new well armed naval vessels from Turkey that significantly strengthen the naval fleet of the country, said the publication eurasianet.

The order will be implemented by the Turkish producer Dearsan, from which Ashgabat has already bought two high-speed patrol boats.

The eight new ships will be of the same size, but with better weapons. Each will be equipped with four anti-ship missiles, two anti-aircraft missile systems “surface-to-air” with remote control, six mortars, one 40mm gun, two 25-mm machine guns with a remote control and two 12.7-mm machine guns with remote control.

In addition to the above vessels, Turkmenistan has purchased five rocket launches from Russia.

These vessels seriously increase the Navy of Turkmenistan, which is becoming a serious competitor to Azerbaijan and Iran on the Caspian Sea.