Falloutfreebie.com: A Freebie for Fallout 76 Players

A website called Falloutfreebie.com is connected to the well-known post-apocalyptic video game Fallout 76. This is the place where gamers can claim exclusive in-game items or benefits that the game’s creator, Bethesda provides. Frequently, these giveaways are a part of promotions, festivities, or events that focus on fostering the player community. The Bowling Arcade Machine, a charming freebie that gives players’ virtual encampment a dash of nostalgic fun, was recently released by Bethesda. Players must register on the official Bethesda website to claim it. After obtaining it, players can use the Bowling Arcade Machine to bowl strikes while avoiding radioactive ghouls in the virtual world!

The Freebie Unveiled

What is it?

A quirky camp item that gives your modest abode a dash of retro fun is the Bowling Arcade Machine.

How to Make a Claim

Register by going to the official Bethesda website.

Where to Look for It

Navigate to the Workshop menu in your C.A.M.P. build mode, then select the Floor Décor tab. Choose the Bowling Arcade Machine by scrolling down and putting it in your world.

Free Week Event Details

  • Duration: The free event runs until October 30.
  • Platforms: Accessible on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, and PlayStation 5.
  • What’s Included: Access to the post-apocalyptic Appalachia setting, questlines, multiplayer events, and more.

Discounted Price

To encourage continued adventures after the free week, Xbox and Bethesda have slashed the price of Fallout 76 by 80%. Now, instead of $39.99, you can get the game for just $7.99.

Anniversary Rewards

Anniversary Rewards

Starting November 7, players can claim the Birthday Suit and earn anniversary rewards by completing special daily challenges while wearing it. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Prime Gaming members will receive a Birthday Bundle, which includes cosmetic items for base decoration.

Halloween Treats

In the spirit of Halloween, special costumed mobs roam Appalachia. Defeat them to collect treats and legendary items. Additionally, the in-game premium shop offers a free Spooky Candy Bowl that you can use in your base to hand out candy to other players.

Looking Ahead

Fallout 76’s next major content update, Atlantic City, arrives on December 5. Expect new locations, questlines, enemies, factions, and more—all for free. Meanwhile, the mainline Fallout series may be on hold, but fans can look forward to the upcoming Fallout TV show on Amazon Prime Video.

So gear up, explore the wasteland, and celebrate five years of Fallout 76!

List of games available on freebundle.bethesda.net


Starfield takes around 7 years for production. Its production was started after Fallout 4.

Producer Angela Browder Tim Lamb
Designer Emil Pagliarulo
Programmer Christopher Rodriguez
Artist Istvan Pely


Redfall is a first-person shooter video game. Arkane Austin developed it. Bethesda Softworks published this game. It was released on May 2, 2023, for Windows and Xbox Series X/S.

Hifi Rush

Hi-Fi Rush is a 2023 rhythm-based action game. Tango Gameworks introduces Hi-Fi Rush. Later, it was published by Bethesda Softworks. Intially it was released for Windows on January 25, 2023, and Xbox Series X/S. Later on March 19, 2024, it was released for  PlayStation 5 .

Doom Eternal

Originally launched on March 20, 2020 for PlayStation 4, Stadia, Windows, and Xbox Game was later released on December 8, 2020, for the Nintendo Switch, and on June 29, 2021, versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Death Loop

Arkane Lyon evolves Death Loop. Bethesda Softworks published this game.The player takes on the role of Colt, an assassin stuck in a time loop on the island of Blackreef. Colt must eliminate eight targets called Visionaries before midnight. If even one target survives, the loop resets


Falloutfreebie.com is not an official website; the correct link for claiming the free item is here. Enjoy your wasteland adventures!

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