Is PUBG Cross Platform Game Lets Find Out

Is PUBG Cross Platform, As we know, PUBG is a battle royale game available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. It has a mobile version also named PUBG Mobile. Also, it has region-specific versions like PUBG KR, PUBG New State, PUBG VN, PUBG Lite, BGMI (Indian version), and many more. All the modes, events, and in-game pubg maps are the same in all versions.

PUBG and PUBG Mobile are not available on the Nintendo Switch. Also, there is no hope for PUBG to come to the Nintendo Switch in the future.

Sometimes, one question comes up. Is PUBG Cross Platform/is pubg crossplay a game, or is PUBG Cross Platform support available? If available, then on which consoles can we play? Which platforms are they? Let’s find out.

Is PUBG cross platform?

The answer to the most asked Question that is PUBG supports cross platform gaming between the consoles given below.

PUBG cross platform Support for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC

PUBG supports cross platform gaming between Xbox, PC, and PlayStation. So players from Xbox, whether it is Series X/S or Xbox One, can play with players from PlayStation 4,5. Players can join the same lobby and play on the same server among players with different consoles.

Also, for PUBG, the cross platform gaming version of the game should be the same on both end devices.

PUBG cross platform Support for Android and iOS

Android and iOS are the operating systems on mobile devices. As we all know, PUBG has mobile versions. In these versions, the PUBG cross platform is available. But players from PUBG Global will play among each other on Android and iOS devices. Same in BGMI,PUBG KR, and PUBG VN.

Is PUBG cross platform supported on PC, Android, and iOS?

You cannot play PUBG Mobile on the PC directly. For this, you have to install a game emulator on your PC, like BlueStacks, LD Player, Memu, Nox Player, Tencent Gaming Buddy, and many more. From all of these, LD Player is the best and easiest to use.

When a game emulator on a PC is installed, You can play PUBG mobile among Android and iOS users.

Is PUBG Cross Platform Available in PUBG and Other Versions?

As we know, PUBG has different versions, like PUBG Mobile, PUBG KR, PUBG New State, PUBG VN, and BGMI.

The answer is no, as all games look the same, but cross platform gaming between these games is not possible. Because PUBG Kr is a different mobile version of Pubg.

Is PUBG Cross Platform Support for Progression Transfer?

PUBG does not support cross platform data transfers. This is the case if the player switches from Android or iOS to PC, Xbox, or PlayStation. If the player plays a game on the mobile, all the data will be saved on the data server of that game. If the player switches platforms, then he has to start from scratch.


PUBG Mobile

I hope all doubts about is pubg cross platform support are cleared from the information provided above. This battle Royale game is the most popular game. It has its own versions according to the countries’ Policies. As Indian Government Ban PUBG mobile due to data storage region. So Company introduced Battlegrounds Mobile India aka the BGMI for Indian people. Same as PUBG KR and PUBG VN for Korea and Vietnam different version but the same game is available.

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