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Ormuz: el “cuello de botella” que puede dar la puntilla a la maltrecha economía mundial. Ilustración que acompaña el reportaje de Mikel Ayestaran: “EEUU moviliza sus portaaviones para proteger el tráfico en Ormuz”, ABC, 30 de diciembre de 2011

“West trying to stage color revolution in Russia: Iranian ambassador”Tehran Times – On Line: 31 December 2011 17:15  In Print: Sunday 01 January 2012

Iran’s ambassador to Russia, Mohammad Reza Sajjadi, says the West is seeking to stage a color revolution in Russia.

“Новый год без Путина”Oborona, 31, december, 2011

Сегодня в Москве на Триумфальной площади состоялась очередная акция Стратегии-31. Активисты Обороны, как обычно, принимали участие в последней протестной акции в этом году. Основными лозунгами были : “Свободу Таисии Осиповой” и “Новый Год без Путина”. Координатор Обороны Илья Мищенко был задержан сотрудниками МВД

“Where are the Russian technology success stories? Try looking in Perm” – Modern Russia –  LLC on January 31, 2011

“Where are the Russian technology success stories?” As a foreigner, this question often sounds like an odd question.  There are many Russian success stories in the IT sector, ranging from world-class software outsourcing companies like EPAM and Luxoft, to Russian software product companies that have international success, like Kaspersky Labs, Abbyy and Parallels. However, simply pointing to a few IT companies does not go to the heart of the question—the search for examples that illustrate potential for large-scale transformation of the Russian economy.

“Rusia se adelanta a la UE en la carrera del gas” – [Videoclip] Euronews, 28 de diciembre, 2011

El trazado del gasoducto South Stream ya está aprobado tras el acuerdo firmado entre Vladimir Putin y y el ministro de Energía turco, Taner Yildiz.

“Yemen president’s son to purge army”
Updated: 04:55, Sunday January 1, 2012

The son of Yemen’s outgoing president is leading a crackdown to purge the Republican Guard, which he commands, of any rebellious officers found to be siding with anti-government protesters, a military official said.

The Republican Guard is a pillar of the regime of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, and the attempts to ensure it remains loyal point to an effort to keep the regime from unravelling in the wake of a deal for Saleh to transfer power after 33 years as president.

 Libye : Al-Qaïda tente de recruter des hommes, selon des responsables américains | – le premier site d’information et d’actualité sur l’Afrique Jeune Afrique – 31/12/2011 à 10h:32 Par AFP

Al-Qaïda a envoyé en Libye des militants pour tenter d’y recruter des hommes après la chute du régime de Mouammar Kaddafi, mais la nébuleuse extrémiste n’a pas encore véritablement pris pied dans le pays, ont indiqué vendredi des responsables américains.

Clashes across Bahrain as demonstrators hold most widespread protests for months”, The Washington Post with Foreign Policy, 31 december, 2011

Riot police and protesters are clashing in several Bahraini cities in one of the most widespread days of protest in the Gulf kingdom for months.

“How Israel helped Islamist movements to flourish across the Middle East” – Redress Information & Analysis – 31 December, 2011

Uri Avnery charts Israel’s role in the growth of Islamist movements in the Middle East – Hamas in Palestine, Hizbollah in Lebanon, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the Shi’i theocracy in Iran.

If Islamist movements come to power all over the region, they should express their debt of gratitude to their bete noire, Israel.

Without the active or passive help of successive Israeli governments, they may not have been able to realize their dreams.

“Turkey: PKK Urges Kurds To Rise Against Air Attacks”Radio Zamaneh, vía, December, 31, 2011

One day after a Turkish air attack killed dozens of civilians in the Kurdish region of Sirnak, the PKK (Kurdish Workers Party) called on the people of Turkish Kurdistan to rise against the government.

“Intelligence service responds to claims” , Hurriyet, 30 December, 2011

Turkey’s Intelligence Service (MİT) responded to the claims on the intelligence being provided by the service. “The claims that the air raid was caused by MİT intelligence does not reflect truth,” it said.

“Nazarbayev Saving It, Continued” – 29 december, 2011

RFERL’s Kazakh service notes an important development in the Zhanaozen massacre: Kazakhstan’s Prosecutor-General’s Office has launched a criminal investigation into actions taken by police during riots earlier this month in the western city of Zhanaozen that left more than a dozen protesters dead.