Top Mobile App Development Trends to Watch For in 2022

Mobile app development is catching on as a promising investment, given the imaginable success many applications have and are experiencing. But, with 2022 here, what can someone expect the path of mobile app development to take?

Take a look at these 10 top mobile app development trends to get a headstart in 2022!

1. Cloud-Based Applications

Cloud-based applications allow access to mobile applications through cloud computing. This characteristic would greatly reduce mobile user requirements. Cloud-based mobile applications are not platform-specific, meaning they will run on all platforms straightaway!

Mobile application development based on the cloud offers many advantages to the app owner. It offers lower costs due to lower requirements of software and hardware. It also provides more data security as clouds are equipped for such.

2. Secure Apps

Over the past few years, with the series of hacking scandals and software failures that have put user data at risk, app security is essential!

Mobile app users of all ages are becoming increasingly aware of the risks associated with using applications with poor security. This is most common when the data, such as physical addresses or bank details, is sensitive. Hence, mobile applications with poor security risk not being able to forge trust with users, resulting in very low user numbers.

In fact, it is a requirement of both app stores for a mobile app to disclose what user data it collects and how it uses it in their Privacy Policy.

3. AI/ML Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are technologies aiming to provide a more personalized user experience.

These two technologies also help the app owners to gather vital information about their users and their app usage. This aids the application in delivering a more personalized experience to users.

A mobile application development company will use AI and ML technology in the face, voice recognition, and chatbots. Both technologies make accessing a mobile application and its information much faster. The most advantageous feature of bots is offering support 24/7.

4. Mobile Commerce

Most ecommerce websites are best accessed through PCs and laptops. However, not everyone has these devices or finds them as accessible as mobile devices. The majority of people would rather shop through their mobile devices. Thus mobile app development, which targets the mobile commerce audience, can find faster success.

M-commerce apps, as they are called, facilitate shopping on smaller devices. Plus, other personalized features are available. Features available through mobile commerce apps are:

  • Saved payment details
  • Option to repeat an order
  • Buying from wish lists
  • Order history
  • Easy login
  • Mobile-optimized content

All-in-all, mobile device shoppers benefit the most from using such mobile commerce apps because of the countless benefits on offer.

5. IoT

IoT, or the Internet of Things, is the collection of computers, machines, or other objects embedded with software and sensors capable of connecting and collecting data.

This technology has become ever so important today with the introduction of smart devices and automated home appliances. IoT applies to automated lighting, thermostat control, surveillance systems, kitchen appliances, etc.

The connection of these sensors to mobile apps and the internet results in vital data collection. This data can be vital in improving your app and making app use easier for users by saving data so users do not have to enter it again and again.

6. Gear Up For 5G Technology

5G technology may not be progressing as fast as tech giants want, but remaining prepared for its imminent release is essential if you don’t want to be left behind when it arrives! This means it’s worth it to start gearing up your app to support 5G, maybe not immediately, but in the foreseeable future.

Besides, some countries have already rolled out 5G connectivity in several cities. Being among the few mobile apps supporting 5G in a county that has just recently installed the connections can be highly successful for the app.

7. Applications That Support Cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology is not a new term and is the core of all cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is a major investment for people worldwide. Plus, no age restrictions remain when it comes to cryptocurrency investing.

In times when not many governments support cryptocurrency, having an app that embraces cryptocurrency enthusiasts would appreciate cryptocurrency. Not to mention, the cryptocurrency industry is a captivating industry worth over a trillion dollars! Now say that’s not tempting.

You can choose to center around the most stable and popular cryptocurrencies that have the largest following.

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8. Mobile Payments

The use of mobile wallets and digital payment methods has greatly reduced the need to carry cash. Mobile app development services make sure to add this feature in eCommerce applications.

Not to mention that an increase in mobile shopping has contributed to higher adoption of digital mobile wallets, banking apps, social apps with enabled money transfer facilities, and mobile OS-based payment solutions.

Using a digital payment eliminates the need to carry credit/debit cards, making it exceptionally convenient. Also, several retail shops are starting to adopt and integrate such payments in online and offline stores.

9. Apps For Wearable and Foldable Devices

With the constant advances in device hardware, software, and form factor, applications must stay at pace! The most advanced devices now are foldable and wearable, both of which require applications customized to ease actions carried out by owners of these devices.

Also, these devices vary in terms of which software platform they support and screen size. With the recent launch of foldable devices from almost every brand, 2022 and 2023 will see a surge of such devices. To succeed, cater to all devices and consider their size and form factors.

10. AR and VR Technology

Using Artificial Reality (AR) and Virtual Technology (VR) in mobile app development is not new. Actually, many ecommerce and gaming applications.

Finding out how a pair of glasses will look on you, how a piece of furniture will look on in your room, or providing real-life experiences in a gamescape are a few applications of AR and VR to inspire your mobile app.

Besides that, AR and VR can help to enhance the user experience. It can also work to remove barriers, such as communication barriers in your app.


This year appears promising for mobile application development as the number of apps and downloads have been steadily increasing year by year, with 2022 not looking any different. The key to utilizing the right trends lies in finding the right mobile app development agency which can make custom software based on your requirements.

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