Process Of Learning And Characteristics Of Learning

Process of learning

Learning is the way to grab new innovative ideas, understanding, and strategies. According to researchers, education is not just to memorize and recall information. It is a skill to make connections between previous and new information.

The competition is so intense that you cannot afford to make any mistakes while preparing. Now to clear any competitive exam its crucial   to develop a positive mindset. Your mindset is influenced by the kind of habits you have. Having good habits makes it easier for you to do wonders in any competitive exam. These help you direct all your attention and focus towards the common goal- to crack the exam. In the process of learning Preparation, Presentation, Practice and Performance are key elements .

 There are three types of learning styles  and characteristics of learning which we explain in the upcoming paragraphs :

Visual Learning Strategy

Visual Learning

Visual learning is the way to inculcate information by looking at things. This technique is a remarkable way to recall things easily because the human mind can easily recall information that he see on videos, web series, or in dramas. This style of learning can enhance your retaining power. While watching videos you can come across new ideas to represent information. These ideas will help you a lot in gaining the best score in exams as well. The subtitles in videos help in  improving the spelling and pronunciation of the words.

TV is also a very helpful gadget in learning. You can watch news channels and learning channels on it. This is a prominent way to enhance knowledge. You can watch debate shows on TV. It can help in improving your communication and your understanding of a specific topic. As different minds have different opinions on a certain topic. So you can come across the conclusion of whose opinion is right and who’s wrong. You can make the right decision with your knowledge rather than relying on someone else’s advice. So all in all , this helps you to boost your confidence and interest in learning. The most recommended methods used in visual learning are mentioned below:

  • Cards with images
  • Information about color-coding
  • Promoting the highlighting of significant elements in texts
  • Using diagrams, pictures, charts, maps, and other visual aids.
  •  Making  notes during lecture
  • Use of acronyms, mnemonics, and mind maps

Kinaesthetic Learning

Self learning

Self-learning is the best way to understand things. For example, riding bikes and learning a language can only be possible if you learn them by yourself. Kinasesthic is a process of learning in which a person interacts with things physically. Practical-based learning is also a part of it. To elaborate more on this Let’s take an example. If you want to improve your English, inculcating an acting skill can help you a lot. You can read some blogs or information-sharing sites where you can find the best words to improve your vocab.You can also read English news blogs  regularly .Keep making notes or list of words you read .

The other way is to choose some English movie or book to learn more words and information. You can start talking in English with your friend or sibling to improve your English skill. The next way to enhance confidence while learning is to stand in front of the mirror and start talking about a certain topic in English. This way helps you effectively to become  confident while speaking on some topic. So, all in all, you can easily talk about any topic given to you at any time without any preparation.

Auditory Learning

The auditory method is the process of learning things by hearing and listening. Auditory learners mostly prefer listen music during work and study. They can concentrate more while they listen  music. This method is best to understand things easily . As per researchers music helps in lessen the stress and keeps the mind refreshed. A refreshed mind can learn things easily.They can learn new updates and new ideas by listening to videos while doing their work. Students can retain things in their knowledge with the help of this method. If you are good at understanding spoken words and memorising things you listen . Then this method is best for you. You can learn with podcasts. Podcasts is a digital audio files available on the internet. The podcast is an audio recording that you can listen to. In recent times, audiobooks are also available on the web. Many websites upload audio books which are very helpful for students in learning and sharpening their skills.

If you are preparing for exams like IELTS then this will help you a lot in your listening section.

This Technique will surely upgrade your listening skill.The exams of  English language  easily cracked with a good score by practising this technique regularly. Recommend methods in authority learning are :

  • videos and podcasts
  • group discussions
  • songs, rhymes, or poems

Let’s discuss the other learning methods :

What Is Rote Learning

Rote learning is a memorization technique. In this learning repetitions and revisions plays a vital role in memorising things. This learning is very helpful in developing  basic knowledge and memorizing complex things easily . For instance in school , to learn tables students use this technique. Students of chemistry can learn the periodic table with this method.

Rote learning is the best way to learn complex subjects easily. The rote learning technique  also pronounced as “cramming” in simple language. The person who is engaged with this strategy doesn’t know the topic deeply. This method is not preferred in deep understanding. The rote method is efficacious in memorizing science and math’s formulas. But for a deep understanding of maths and science, you shouldn’t use this method.

Students should  learn  formulas by driving them. It is preferred to do exercises with that formulas if you want to learn them without cramming. It is found that the students who learn things with understanding have good problem-solving abilities. This problem-solving competence is very helpful in making innovations. So try to improve your problem-solving skills by learning things through understanding rather than cramming.

What Is Art Integrated Learning

Integrated Learning

Integrated Learning is the method to interlink the concept and experience to  get  a result. This connection can be used to solve some complex problems. It is basically a way to make connection between curriculum  and real world problems .In short we can say in integration learning  students can understand actually where their  classroom learning  used in the real world .Students pursue this learning  by doing practical’s .Making projects in teams  or individually and doing internships  are the examples of integration learning .ICC emphasizes to add integration learning in the coursework .They want students should learn this method in order to get success .With this way of learning students also contribute their skills towards society as well.

Why Integrated Learning Matters A Lot

In this era of competition and a desire to acquire some good highest paying career people sometimes change their position .They  also  change their organization and career  because of lack of skills and adaptability in the job .So it is very crucial to develop the intellectual flexibility and adaptability to learn new things .They have to infuse problem solving ability in themselves rather than to ran away from the situations .

In the corporate world employers continually looking graduates  in depth understanding of certain field and wide range of skill and awareness of the field  .The student who possesses these skills can  survive in the workspace .So if  you have make an plan to get job after being  graduate, integrated learning  plays an imperative role for that .

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