The Way Automation Affects Businesses and the Influence of Japan Virtual Number

One of the riskiest parts of modern business is the human factor. An ill or simply upset employee can no longer fully perform their duties. This means that there is subsidence in this section, which leads to the failure of the entire business chain. As a result, the entrepreneur receives less profit than he/she could.

Any business can be imagined as a mechanism consisting of parts, each of which is responsible for the implementation of a specific operation. The more smoothly all the details work, the more correctly the operations are performed, which means that the whole mechanism works more clearly. Conversely, as soon as one process sags, the entire enterprise immediately suffers.

An Important Business Risk Factor

Let’s take a look at a simple example. Calls are normally answered by the operator who then distributes them to free sales managers. If the operator feels unwell, then he/she leaves the workplace more often during the day to take medicine or improve his/her well-being. This inevitably leads to an increase in unanswered incoming calls. As a result, fewer managers receive potential customers and the conversion into a purchase falls. However, it is possible to reduce the influence of the human factor.

Business Automation Helps to Reduce the Losses

In simple terms, business automation is the process of replacing manual labor with machine labor, both mechanical and electronic. Modern examples of automation include

  • Online accounting.
  • CRM systems.
  • Calculations of commercial offers.
  • Email newsletters.
  • Web analytics systems.

Artificial intelligence systems today have become trends as they can write simple texts and generate unique images, which partially replace the work of copywriters and designers.

Benefits of Business Process Automation

  • Increasing the speed of task execution.
  • Minimizing the risk of errors caused by the human factor.
  • Decreased personnel costs, which include not only salaries and deductions to the tax and funds but also the costs of organizing jobs and others.

And these are only the most basic advantages of automation.

Virtual PBX Is Another Business Automation Tool

At the beginning of the article, we gave an example in which the operator was responsible for distributing calls between sales managers. This process can be automated, and the system itself will send calls to free managers. At the same time, the system will not get sick, will not be in upset feelings, and it does not need to pay a salary.

In addition, a virtual PBX helps to automate :

  • The work of the sales department.
  • Research and surveys to increase user loyalty.
  • Identification of managers’ mistakes when communicating with customers (due to the recording of conversations).
  • Cold calling on the database.
  • Calls customers with a reminder of various kinds of operations.
  • Answering calls with welcome messages.
  • Identification of targeted and low-quality leads to the company.
  • Maintaining the history of calls, the data is reflected automatically after the conversation.
  • Evaluation and control of communication between operators and customers.

It’s also possible to refuse to manually enter leads, all customers will be taken into account in CRM, and to direct a call to the desired department using the voice menu. Moreover, you can get a Japan virtual phone number via Freezvon Company and transfer your business to an absolutely new level.

Integration of Virtual PBX With Other Services

Integration of services significantly speeds up data processing and minimizes the impact of human errors on the representativeness of this data. For example, the integration of IP-telephony systems with CRM allows you to improve the quality of customer service. When calling, a client card is created in the CRM system, or the call is pulled into an existing card if the client has already contacted your company. In addition, the integration of CRM and telephony with end-to-end analytics or Power BI makes it possible to see in real-time the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, the work of managers, and other business structures.

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