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IP telephony is a system that transmits sound in the form of a compressed digital signal via the Internet. The main element of this service is the PBX, which uses a DSP processor to receive and transmit calls from users in a two-way manner.


VoIP telephony has a number of beneficial moments over traditional telephone communication. The main one is the transmission of sound messages using computer networks over any distance. Because of this, it is possible to drastically cut down on the expense of communication, particularly for long-distance and international calls. Another, no less important, advantage of this service is the absence of the need to lay a telephone cable. This is especially important when it comes to hard-to-reach areas or working in bad weather.

As for other pleasant moments, let’s get acquainted with them.

  • The possibility of obtaining the existing phone number when moving to a new place of work.
  • Administration of off-site workgroups.This is of great importance for a small business, as it allows the company owner to save on rent.
  • IP telephony for the office does not require the installation of numerous telephone sockets and the laying of kilometers of wires.
  • Providing round-the-clock corporate interaction.
  • Creation of a single communication system between workers, even when the offices are located in different cities.
  • When an employee is moved to another location, all telephony settings for him/her are saved.
  • Using cryptographic protection common in corporate networks to guarantee confidential data delivery.

virtual number

You can increase the efficiency of calls with the help of some IP telephony functions.

  • Record conversations. 
  • Accounting of missed challenges.
  • Weekend statistics and incoming calls. 

Freezvon company guarantees high-quality communication through the use of innovative technologies and the possibility to get even Chinese virtual phone numbers. We work only with experienced professionals for equipment maintenance and communication with customers. Our organization is always happy to assist in the selection of equipment, taking into account the individual requests of each user. We provide installation and configuration of Internet telephony, as well as its further maintenance. 

By the way, such telephony can also become an indispensable assistant at home. It is optimally suitable for an online store or a home office. It will ensure uninterrupted and comfortable work for freelancers. Telephony of this type will also be a boon to those who have an ongoing need to speak with loved ones in different countries.

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Why Do You Need Mobile Numbers? 

You can easily connect office and remote employees, providing the latter with excellent communication quality regardless of geography by connecting mobile numbers to IP telephony through a GSM gateway and communicating with clients using the SIP protocol. You can easily make calls with 99.9% uninterrupted service even in the most remote corners with minimal Internet speed. Unite office and remote employees into a single base, reducing call forwarding time and allowing the system to optimize your working time and save money on phone calls.

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How to Choose an IP provider?

When considering which company to choose, pay attention to some essential moments.


Freezvon uses European equipment and software, the quality of which has been verified by many customers.

Protection of information

The operator ensures reliable data protection and the company uses the appropriate customer identification and verification services.


A good modern provider is able not only to distribute incoming calls but also to make many calls at the same time, keep statistics and record conversations, transfer incoming calls without disconnection, interact with CRM systems, and much more.

Ease of Use

Technologies should make life easier and more comfortable. Therefore, the connection process has to be easy. You can set up the service or take advantage of it at any time and place convenient for you, having only access to the network and a laptop at hand.

Freezvon Company is one of the most reliable, so you don’t have to worry about the practical side and the convenience of use.

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