How To Stop A Pad From Leaking At Night?

The most common problem that every woman face is that leakage problem at night. So, most women want to get out of this and look for the best solution. The perfect solution is to choose the best sanitary pads that suit your needs. Continue reading the article to get complete knowledge regarding this.

Buy A Pad That’s Absorbent Enough:

The first thing you should do is buy a pad that’s absorbent enough. If your pad leaks at night, it might be because the absorbency level is too low, and your body has become used to it.

When choosing overnight period pads, consider how much extra fluid will go into the liner or shield each time you use them (e.g., if one night’s leakage results in 20 mL of urine loss). Then choose the most absorbent option for your needs, you can always add more liners or shields if needed!

Select The Correct Size:

The size of the pad you need is based on your menstrual flow. If you have a heavy flow, you will need a sanitary napkin larger than your standard size; if you have a light flow, it will be smaller.

This is because the absorbent material inside the pad starts to lose its effectiveness after about four hours and needs time to regain its capacity before it has absorbed all of the blood that has been released into it during this period (the average period lasts around five days).

Look For A Liner Or Pad Shield:

Pad shields are thin layers of material between your pad and underwear. They help prevent leaks by ensuring the air doesn’t pass through the sticky part of your pad. You can use them with sanitary pads, tampons, or menstrual cups!

It’s important to note that pads don’t need a shield. It’s just another option to consider when buying one. If you don’t have any experience with menstrual products (or if it’s been a while since you last used one), this may be something new for you!

You May Have To Use A Menstrual Cup:

Consider a menstrual cup if you’re over 30 and still have not found the right product. You can use it with or without pads, but it is especially significant if your periods are heavy or you have painful cramps. Many brands work well for heavy and light cycles if your period is light or painless. 

These products are made from silicone instead of cotton, so they don’t absorb as much liquid (and therefore less blood) as regular tampons. They also come in various sizes depending on how much fluid each person needs during their monthly cycle; some may even come with two different holes so that one side of the cup comes out while another stays in place!

If You’re Over 30, You May Not Be Able To Get Complete Protection With Regular Pads And Tampons:

You can also use tampons, but they are more expensive and can cause anemia if used every day for too long. They are also challenging to remove from your body after each period due to their size and shape, so it’s best to only use them when necessary instead of ditching the pads altogether!

When It Comes To Your Period, Make Sure You Purchase The Right Product For Your Needs:

Consider buying menstrual pads that are thinner and more absorbent than others to reduce leakage. Also, ensure you buy the right product for your body type and budget. 


You follow the above-given tips, and you can see the great benefits.

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