How to Save All Outlook Emails to External Hard Drive?

 “Save All Outlook Emails to External Hard Drive” If you are one who also suffers from the same. Then, don’t worry, today we are here to solve all your issues in just a few clicks. But, get an easy & simple conversion then, you have read this article till the end.

Microsoft Outlook application is a popular email manager that saves data into PST and OST files. The Offline storage table or OST file allows users to store the mailbox data like emails, contacts, calendars, and so on in offline mode. However, PST is a personal folder file. Many times Outlook users want to save their important Outlook data as a backup. It is also backing up a perfect way to save your important data from being lost.

Let us consider a user query regarding the same. Also, we will provide two methods to do the same task.

Users Query!

“I have set up an email account as IMAP in Outlook 2016. So, can anyone guide me on the proper way to backup my OST emails in the external hard drive? And, I just want to know how to backup Outlook 2016 emails to my external hard drive if there is any safe and reliable solution to accomplish this task easily because I am not able to complete my task.”

Best way to backup their crucial data is to save it on an external hard drive. Sometimes, system crashes or any other disaster, the user can easily access information. In the upcoming blog, we will discuss the entire procedure to know how to backup Outlook 2016 emails to external hard drives.

In the next section, we will explain how to save all Outlook emails to External hard drives using manual & automated methods. Let us process this task one by one. Firstly, we have suggested to you an automated solution perform the process in an easy & quick manner.

Save Multiple Outlook Emails to External Hard Drive – Smart Solution

If you want to export multiple Outlook emails into External hard drives without losing any single data in it. Then, use the automated solution for the same. Because in some cases you are facing problems then the user can use the safe & secure method to transfer OST file emails to the hard drive.

Use the Best Export PST Files on Windows Software. Actually, it’s a time-saving method that helps you to save the Outlook OST files into multiple file formats. After the conversion process, the user can easily save the backup file on an external hard drive.

Both technical and non-technical users can use the tool without facing any hassle. And, after the conversion process, the user can easily save the backup file on the external hard drive. It also helps to move the Outlook 2019 and its below Windows or Mac OS version.

Now, are its software working steps to complete the task without facing any risk & easily process the conversion to save all Outlook emails to external hard drives.

Working Process Explained For the Tool

For the entire procedure, you have to follow these steps for an easy conversion process using automated software. Let’s begin the process for the same:-

  1. Launch & install the software on your Windows machine.
  2. Load emails on the Preview panel
  3. There are Nine Options to Export PST
  4. Finally, click on the Export Button for the conversion process.

We have successfully completed the task risk-free by using software with easy working steps. And, our experts also recommended using our automated approaches for an easy & quick conversion process. This utility has some advanced features also:-

Major Features & Benefits of the Tool

  • The tool saves all components of Outlook including Contacts & Calendar.
  • Users can easily process ANSI and UNICODE Outlook PST files of any size.
  • Selective email saving by date filter and individual selection
  • Therefore, the naming convention to transfer email data with date and other attributes.

If you are not satisfied with the above tool and want to perform the manual method. Then, the manual approach is easy but a little complex for non-technical users. But, if you want, follow the below-working process to perform the task manually.

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Manual Method to Export Outlook Emails to Hard Drive

Use the manual method to save all Outlook emails to an external hard drive manually with the below-mentioned steps:-

Step 1: Import/Export Option to Save PST Files

The user can also try to export single folders in Outlook to the hard drive. This is a method to move data files to another drive.

  • Firstly, open Outlook and go to File >> Options
  • Now, from the Export section, choose Export
  • Next, the Import & Export Wizard box will appear, to select Export to a file>>Next
  • From the Export to a File section, click on the Outlook Data File (.pst) >> Next for moving to the next.
  • Then, choose the folder that needs to be moved to a new PST file >> Next
  • After that, browse to the folder location where you want exported file will be saved
  • Under the ‘Save exported file name as’ provide a name for the new file
  • In the end, click on the Finish button to complete the creation of a new PST file for a specific single folder in Outlook.

Now, we have performed both manual methods as well as automated solutions to save multiple Outlook emails as external hard drives. The choice is yours which is the perfect solution for your issue.

Final Words

In this article, we have discussed how to save all Outlook emails to External hard drives. Using two methods which are: the manual method & automated solution for an easy conversion process. The manual solution for non-technical users is not so suitable. Because to perform these tasks, it is necessary to have technical skills & it also takes so much time to process the task. But, no need to worry, use our best-automated software for a quick & easy conversion process to save multiple Outlook emails into external hard drives hassle-free. Also, there is no restriction to use the tool; both technical & non-technical users can easily use it. Now, choose as per your needs!

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