How to Convert Thunderbird Folders to PST? – Know Solution

If you are one of the Mozilla Thunderbird users who are looking forward convert Thunderbird Local folders to PST, then make sure to read this blog. In this we will discuss about various approaches. And that includes a manual approach and Professional approach.

There could be many reasons why users generally wants to export Thunderbird local folders to Outlook, the reasons could be:

Spam Filter:

As far as we know, Mozilla Thunderbird lacks a spam filter. Hence, making it difficult for users to avoid receiving unneeded or spam emails in their inbox. MS Outlook. On the other hand, comes with a robust spam filter.

Multiple Email Clients:

Although, we can access multiple email accounts within Thunderbird. But there is a limit to it. However, Outlook allows users to access as many account they want in one go. Along with IMAP/POP accounts.

Need Add-on to Configure Email Clients:

Thunderbird does support email clients that use the IMAP, POP, and SMTP protocols. However without an Add-on, users cannot setup any email client. As a result, users of Outlook may setup email clients without the need of add-ons.

As we have discussed the reasons behind users exporting their Thunderbird mailboxes to Outlook. Lets talk about different approaches that will help users to completing this task. There are both Manual and Professional approaches available in the market for this. Users can however, choose any approach according to their requirement.

You can various methods to save Thunderbird emails to Outlook. But not every method is ideal for you. We have discussed some Manual Methods that will surely help you to resolve your issue.

Approach 1. – Using IMAP Functionality

1. Go to the Settings section of Gmail after logging in.

2. Enable the IMAP server by selecting the Forwarding POP/IMAP option from the menu. Exit Gmail and launch Thunderbird on your computer.

3. Navigate to tools, then account settings. Then select add email account from the account actions drop-down menu.

4. Fill in the data in the Mail Account Setup box that appears on the screen. Then, click Continue.

5. When a pop-up window opens, activate the IMAP server and click Done. Thunderbird will be used to configure the Gmail account.

6. Now, on your Gmail account. Create a new folder and move the Thunderbird data there.

7. Log in to Gmail and check to see if the data has been exported.

8. Configure MS Outlook with your data once it’s been exported to Gmail.

Approach 2. Drag and Drop

You may export Thunderbird emails to Outlook using the drag-and-drop feature. Just by first converting the databases to EML format. After words  importing them into Outlook. Follow the instructions below to utilize the drag-and-drop feature:

1. Log into Thunderbird and choose the messages you wish to transfer to Outlook.

2. Now, drag and drop all or selected emails from Thunderbird to a newly created folder on your machine using the drag and drop capability.

3. Open MS Outlook on your computer once you’ve exported the emails to a new folder.

4. To transfer all of the data into the Outlook folder, utilize the drag and drop capability once again.

Thunderbird mailboxes may be migrated to MS Outlook using one of the techniques listed above. They do, however, have limits, such as the second method’s inability to transport all of the data.

In addition, the procedure requires time and effort to accomplish each step. As a result, using an automated solution like SysTools MBOX to PST Converter is the ideal option.

Resolving the Issue Through Professional Approach:

There are also many third-party solutions available in the market. But the ideal solution for users will this Systools MBOX to PST Converter, This application comes with great features and it offers users great benefits that will be useful during this process.

The features includes:

Convert MBOX to Outlook PST:

This software allows users to save MBOX data into Outlook PST Format in an easy way. It also allows users to convert .MBOX, .MBX and MBOX file without extension into PST for Outlook. As well as other file formats.

There are two options by which a user can convert MBOX to PST, is by choosing File/folder option. Users can either select import selected files or import the entire folder into the software at once.

Thunderbird MBOX to PST Converter:

Users can also export their archived folder of Thunderbird such as single folder, yearly archived folder as well as Monthly archived folder in Outlook PST format. There are many options that users can choose from:

It automatically detects configured Thunderbird profiles and migrate single or multiple profile identity into Outlook PST including other 5 file formats.

Moreover, it scans the orphan MBOX file from the local system and export its emails and attachments into Outlook.

Export the entire MBOX files stored in SBD folders with proper folder structure into PST format.

Windows Compatible:

This software is compatible with all the versions of Windows OS. No matter what the version the user is working on to resolve this issue, this tool will run on all prior versions. It supports Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, 6 and all other versions of Windows OS.


The free version of this tool allows users to save only 25 items from each folder. However, if the user feel contented with the outcome, then they can also purchase the licensed version of this tool as well.


This blog discusses the reasons behind converting Thunderbird folder to PST and various approaches that will help solving this issue entirely. There are both Manual and Professional Solutions available for users. However, there are limitations with manual approaches and it can cause data damage and there is also high risk of corruption. Moreover, in this situations the Professional approach is the best way to resolving the issue as it is completely safe and secure.

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