Do you know what is Software and how Mp3juice is used?

Computer hardware is able to do a lot of work. It needs to be given the same instructions so that it can do the same thing. The series of instructions given to a computer is called a program to be able to solve the problem. The software includes programs and data.

Classification of software

1 System Software
2 Applications Software

The software can be broadly classified into two categories keeping in mind the work for which the software is to be used

(a) System software:

The system software has cents to such programs overline a sigma whose main purpose is to make many computers that use them a consumer-friendly machine. This software contains programs that require controlling the computer system and assisting the computer system user. Without this software, it is very difficult for computer users to make a computer workable for them. It is difficult for a computer user to understand the language that the computer understands.

We use system software that acts as an intermediary and directs everything to it to get work from the computer hardware.

System software can be broadly classified into the following categories given below:

1. Loaders:

The processor can process the information in the main memory. Therefore, we need programs that can transport mechanical language programs from secondary storage devices to primary memory. Programs that help take files from secondary caches to the main memory are called ladders.

2. Operating System:

The aim is to present computer users as consumer-friendly machines. The operating system coordinates the provision of computer tools and their use with several programs. It works very well and properly in this way. Thus this tool acts as a manager.

The following steps are included in the provision of resources:

a) Taking care of resources

b) Decision-taking on the policy of determination

c) Determining resources

d) Re-determination of resources

3. Linkers

Any program is rarely created as a single entity. Programs are generally developed in a modular manner. The module is a logical independent unit. Separate marking scarcity is done for different modules. These modules are translated into machine language separately. Later all modules are assembled to perform the last task. The program used to generate workable files to different modules is called Linkers.

4. Language Translator

-Computer can understand only programs written in Binary language. We can command the computer in a language that is exactly like English by nature. Such languages are called high-level languages because they are very close to human languages. Language translator works to convert high-level language into binary language.

Language translators can be divided into the following categories


It is a language translator who corrects the mistakes of programs written in assembly language and converts them to binary.


It translates the program written in a high-level language into binary language. It first examines the entire program to make mistakes and lists the mistakes if any. Converts the program to binary language when the programmer removes errors.

Interpreter :

This is a language translator who converts high-level language into machine language. The interpreter reads the program by line. Nanak seeks the mistakes of the line, which if there are no mistakes, converts it into machine language and then sends it to implementation. If a line is wrong, it does not go to the next line until the symbolic errors are corrected.

5. Utility Programs:

Some useful tasks such as recovering disappeared files, checking the serviceability of floppy disk hard disks, and data organizing are called utility programs. These programs do not manage software programs but are still very useful quite a few times.

The sales management program that keeps sales at the shop on track is an accounting package that keeps office accounts on track application software.

(b)Application software like MS Word, Mp3juice, MS Office:

Application software is a set of programs that are scheduled to do specific tasks. So they are useful only for a particular set of computer users. Sales management program that keeps sales at the shop on track. An accounting package that keeps office accounts on track is application software.

MS Word

MS Word is application software used to create, correct, and print documents. MS-Word can make a variety of documents such as threats, business reports professional documents, etc.

In MS Word we can do the following:

  • Document making and saving.
  • Drawing tools.
  • To direct text.
  • Numbering and bulleting.
  • Web Page Development.
  • Grammar and spell checker.
  • Different views of the document.
  • Change the setup of the page.
  • To print a document. – A part or large part of the text is selected, slipped, or copied from one place to another.
  • Make it easier to make many copies sent to the addresses of different individuals in a single letter.
  • Can fit pictures, charts, VDO audio chips in the texts. Opening a Word application first is necessary to prepare a word document.

MS Excel

MS-Excel is application software. It allows us to make a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is a grid of lines and columns. The cutting cell of lines and columns forms.

Excel is a spreadsheet that makes a much more complex calculation easily with just one click of the mouse. This is a joint program designed by Microsoft Corporation U.S.A.

It has three parts worksheets, graphs, and database management.

Note: The spreadsheet contains a set of cells (grid) arranged in rows (Rows) and lists (Columns). Electronic Spandsheet has the following properties:

  1. A cell can contain any kind of data like text, numbers, and formula
  2.  The contents of the cells can be copied.
  3.  Charts can be created to analyze data.

There are many application software like MS Powerpoint, MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Virtual Studio, Music Players, Video Player etc.

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