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Unwind at Pawna lake, away from the hustle and bustle of civilization. Beautiful natural surroundings surround the man-made lake that was created by the Pavana dam. Enjoy a quiet picnic by the lakeside or a walk to discover the beautiful surroundings. You can cool off by swimming in the lake, but it is not recommended. Instead, you can take a dip in the water or walk along the shoreline and enjoy the beautiful scenery. You can extend your stay by renting a tent or setting up a camp in the popular camping area. You can use our Lonavala tour planner to plan a trip around Pawna Lake or other Lonavala attractions that have been recommended by writers and customers. Pawna Lake, a man-made reservoir lake, is located approximately 2 hours from Pune and Mumbai. This lakeside is a popular camping spot due to its proximity to Lonavala and Lohagad as well as many other trekking destinations. The entire lake is home to an innumerable number of campsites. Most of the campsites are right at the lake’s edge and offer stunning views of its tranquil waters. You will find a variety of amenities, including a campfire and music, as well as cozy tents.

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Pawna Lake’s Dinosaurs Park is a small amusement and entertainment park. You will find all the usual amusement park attractions such as rides, food kiosks and more. In 1994, the National Mineral Development Corporation created the park. (NMDC). Tourists love to visit the Lohagad Fort near Visapur. This is a small village in the Pune region. This fort was built in a forest area by King Yashwantrao III during the Maratha era. It has been designated a heritage property by the state and is being developed as an ecotourism attraction. About 2 km from Pawna is the Dudhiware waterfall. They are approximately 8.2 meters tall and three kilometers long. Prati Pandharpur is located near Pawna dam. This spot offers a spectacular view. It is surrounded by small lakes. Walking through the woods while the wind blows across them can be very relaxing. This area is extremely popular, especially in winter. It is a popular spot for residents in winter. The beautiful scenery and easy access from all parts of Pune make it a great place to visit. Near the village of Chinchwad, the Bhaja waterfall can be found on the outskirts Pune. It is 9 meters high and can be seen from far away. The waterfall cascades over many rocks and is truly stunning.


This stunning campsite is located in a lush green area on the banks Pawna Lake. It is surrounded by the foggy valleys and Western Ghats. Many tourist attractions are within close proximity to Pawna Lake, including Lohagad Fort and Tikona Fort. This peaceful getaway is a great weekend escape near Lonavala or Khandala. Our sophisticated breakfast and supper menus, which incorporate traditional cooking techniques, will delight foodies. Enjoy your evenings around our campfire, where you can enjoy delicious meals prepared right in front of you. You will be happy and warm by the campfire, which will also add excitement to your evening. Click Photos to save your memories. Many people enjoy night campfires that feature ghost stories and live music. We offer best-suited accommodation in tents with clean bedding, pillows and bedsheets .


Paragliding over Pawna Lake is an amazing experience. As you glide through the night, take in the stunning scenery and feel the earth beneath your feet. Paragliding in tandem is the best way to enjoy the beauty and grace of paragliding. As you glide silently, feel the breeze in your hair. Relax in your saddle and let your pilot take you on a ride. Also, you can look into the paragliding and camping packages. Tandem paragliding can be an adrenaline rush. You don’t need any prior experience; the pilot will take care of everything. Once you are at takeoff, take a load off, enjoy the view and smile for the camera. Paragliders are a free-flying plane. A tandem is a vehicle that can transport two people. The passenger is first roped into a tackle by an experienced pilot.

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