Stubby Coolers: The Most Aussie Promo Product Around

Promotional stubby coolers are a great marketing gift for your customers. They aren’t just useful for people travelling, but people take them home and use them at work and on the weekends. This means they will be used well, and kept for years to come, giving your investment great value. 

In addition, a promotional stubby cooler comes in all shapes and sizes, and not just for stubbies, they can be wine bottle coolers, champagne coolers, beer coolers, and much more. 

Ready to see all the options out there for personalised stubby coolers, especially in Australia? Head to Simply Merchandise now. But if you still need convincing, here’s why people love a good stubby cooler. 

Aussie’s Adore Stubby Holders

Stubby holders are an Aussie icon. They have been loved by Australians since way back in the 1980s. They are the perfect weekend beer holder in the hot summer, when you want to keep your beer cooler for longer but don’t want to get your hands frozen. They’re a must-have while standing next to the hot barbeque and they are loved by beachgoers all over the country. The point is, Aussies will treat a free stubby cooler as a great gift, not a marketing tool, which makes it subtle and effective. 

Reach A Bigger Audience

Stubby coolers go from the coast to the outback in Australia. You can see people holding a stubby cooler at parties, pubs, golf clubs, farms, next to the lake and more. When you use a stubby cooler, your business is bound to get a lot of attention, especially if it’s well-designed. By investing in this particular promotional product, you can reach a wider audience, and for a low cost if you buy in bulk. 

Perfect For Summer

If your business holds summer events or gives summer gifts to customers and workers, this is the best time to invest in stubby coolers. The best thing is, that if you order one big batch, you can hand it out for summer for years to come. It’s a great investment, but only if you hand it out right before people are going to need it, so summer is your best option. 

 An Inexpensive Choice

It’s clear that marketing is expensive, at least traditional marketing is. So, if you want to win more business and promote your company within your budget, you should choose a stubby holder. Not only is it inexpensive and easy to make in bulk, but you can also make one big order and use it for summers to come. 

If you choose Simply Merchandise, they guarantee the cheapest price in Australia every time, and free shopping all over Australia when you order a custom printed stubby holder, which makes the deal even sweeter.

Perfect Corporate Gift 

With many companies working from home now, employees and employers are using more benefits. No late workers due to traffic close to the office, better work-life balance and less stress overall. But one of the challenges with remote working is maintaining employee engagement. Sending your remote employees or even your remote students a corporate gift is a great way to reduce this issue. Stubby Holders are easy to mail, and your workers will thank you in summer and remember you fondly as well. 

Custom printed stubby holders are the most fun, quintessentially Aussie promotional product out there, and also happen to be inexpensive, straightforward and a sure win for your business.

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