Science has revolutionized every field of activity. Today we cannot imagine life without science. Bertrand Russell, a great mathematician, and essayist once described science as a new God in the present-day godless universe. This appears to be so when we think of the power that science has acquired on human life and death – the power that traditionally belonged to God. But whereas the power of God was believed to be wholly good and benevolent, it is difficult to say the same thing about the power of this new God. This is why, as scientific research advances, the question “Is science truly a blessing?” becomes more urgent.  The answer to this question is not somehow a choice between “either/or” but a choice of the both; for that is exactly what science has become: a blessing as well as a curse.

Science has bestowed numerous benefits on humanity. Now we cannot imagine life without science. All comforts and luxuries without which we cannot live are the gifts of science. Research in industrial technology, space science, communication, transport, and medical fields have made the world a better place to live in. As a result of the scientific research and achievements, not only the world but even the vast universe seems to be a small place today. Diseases that were formerly thought to be incurable have now been cured. Surgery has reached such a state of advancement that now it has become possible to transplant vital organs of the body. All these researches have increased the average life expectancy of an individual.

But it is only one side of the coin. Science has threatened to wipe out life and vegetation from this planet. Everything we breathe, drink, and eat has become contaminated to the point of no return. We are facing the threat of pollution and global warming. Worse still, the inventions in weapon technology have led to the manufacture of several kinds of biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons which can destroy mankind in minutes. No wonder people sometimes consider science as a monster that is thirsty for human blood.

But it will not be right to condemn science as a monster or devil. Science itself is neither a God nor a devil, it is what it is used for. In fact, it is the human mind that uses it for reconstruction or destruction. There is no doubt that the research in various fields has been motivated by the human desire to make the world a better place. It is quite imperative that science should be used only for improving the lot of the world.

Wonders of Science

The modern era is a scientific epoch. Science plays a great role in every aspect of modern life. It has revolutionized our lifestyle. It has worked wonders. What was considered impossible in the past has been made possible by science. Inventions have brought big changes in our life. If our forefathers were to visit our world today, they would not believe their eyes and ears.

Today man has gained control over the forces of nature. Time and distance have both been overcome. We can travel much faster today than a man could do hundred years ago. Railway trains, buses, airplanes, and ships have broken the barriers of time and geography. Now man has overpowered space also. He is thinking of building colonies on the moon NASA has already initiated this ambitious project.

Electricity is a scientific marvel. It has improved the quality of our lives. It lights our homes, runs the factories, sows the seeds, harvests the crops, and entertains us through televisions and computers. It provides us with means of recreation and instructions.

Medical science has made incurable diseases quite curable ECG; EEG, CT SCAN, MRI, heart transplantation, and open heart surgery have made it convenient for a doctor to diagnose and cure very serious diseases. Web-conferencing has made it possible for a patient to get treatment from the best doctors in the world.

Cellphones have brought a revolution in the field of communication. Today’s cell phone is not only a phone but also a mini-computer, music provider, and whatnot. Now you can be mobile but at the same time in touch with the rest of the world. The cell phone is very useful in times of emergency.

The wonders of science are beyond description. It has bestowed many blessings on man. If science is a blessing, it is a Curse also. It is a matter of serious concern that it is being used for destructive purposes. Atom bombs and other deadly weapons are prepared to kill millions of people in a single stroke. Unless science is used for peaceful purposes, all its blessings will turn into curses.

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