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Pubg Mobile is an online competitive game for all users from around the globe. This game is available on IOS and Android devices as well as on pc. There are many modes in the game regarding the player’s interest. There are modes that take about 30 min to complete and also there are modes like arcade matches that take time about 8 to 10 min. During updates, developers of the game add more events to attract new players to the game. In the game, Pubg has free and paid items. For attaining paid items we need Unknown cash or UC. We can Purchase it from Midasbuy Website.


Midasbuy is a website that allows users to add UC (Unknown cash) to their account directly without any redemption process like google play redeem codes. This website is available in all countries around the globe. In some countries, midasbuy uc gives outfits and skins to users in redeeming section present on the website. But this is limited from country to country according to the policies of midasbuy uc.  For UC purchases users must have their character id with them it is in the form of 10 digits.

Midasbuy’s features include:

Midasbuy offers UC at the lowest price as compared to in-game purchases made through the Playstore or Appstore, which vary by region. For example, if you choose Brazil, the rate will be lower than the Indian rate.

  • Simple to use.
  • PUBG Mobile’s official website for purchasing Unknown cash and items.
  • UC with low rates.
  • Customer assistance is readily available.
  • There is a Royal Pass (RP) purchase option available.
  • Character ID allows for instant delivery of UC.

How to add UC In Pubg Mobile

1. First you have to make an account on the MidasBuy website here is the link: Midasbuy

2. Now copy your character id from Lobby In PUBG Mobile.

3. When you open the website there are many options like UC purchase, Royal Pass Purchase, Promotion, etc.

4. But We have to purchase Uc so We click on the Purchase UC option.

Midasbuy PUBG Mobile
Price of UC

5. Now we have to add our Character ID which we copied from the game. Fill the section with the character id. Like this:

Midasbuy PUBG Mobile
UC Purchase Guide Midasbuy

6. Now select the UC amount you want to add to your account.

7. Then click on the pay button it will ask you about your Birthdate. Then ask about payment methods. You can select any method there are options for Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Razor gold, Pi Pin, etc.

8. After payment you can Receive your UC direct to your account with a mail to your ID.

This method is for global users except for India as we know for India there is BGMI  (Battlegrounds of India). An Indian version of PUBG Mobile.

As we know we can purchase UC directly from the game but they provide Less Uc at the same price. While on the other hand, Midas Buy gives some extra Uc to the players.

How to purchase Royal Pass in PUBG mobile with Midasbuy

As we PUBG Mobile Provide awesome Dresses and skins of items in the royal pass. So Most of the players in the game purchase a royal pass by spending UC to purchase it. There is an in-game mission to gain RP level and give we gain RP up to 50 A mythic outfit is provided to us. Also In RP levels From 1 to 50, there are many rewards like crates coupons, gun skins, car skins, etc. If you have Uc you can purchase a royal pass directly from the game. But if someone doesn’t have UC in the account. He can purchase royal passes from Midasbuy directly in the shop section.

Pubg Mobile Midasbuy
Royal Pass from Midasbuy

Also, we can give a royal pass to our friend from here. As you can see if we purchase a royal pass from here we can get up to 50 Uc free with the royal pass. As we know there are two types of royal passes in PUBG Mobile Elite one and the Elite Plus one. If we purchase an Elite pass from here they give us 150 Extra UC. In Elite Version player is awarded a frame and the RP level of the player is 12 by default. And the player has an opportunity to gain 50 RP first by their friend having a simple pass named Elite pass.

If a player from a restricted area is playing PUBG Mobile and wants to purchase UC from Midasbuy. Player has to Use VPN and Razor Gold Website for Purchases any amount of UC. This Website is also safe because they purchase UC in the form of Razor Gold coins. Which is a genuine payment method on the midasbuy website. On this Website first, we add Razer gold coins to our wallet. Then use VPN to access the Midasbuy website following the mentioned procedure.

Beware of fraud website

Always consider a safer and genuine method to purchase UC. Because there are many fraud websites in the market. They claim they can give you skins of guns and cars by redeeming method free of cost. Mostly they hack our accounts by Facebook login or Twitter login. When a user clicks on redeem button a message is appear on the screen login session is expired login again. Then a Facebook or Twitter login appears on the screen but the URL of the Website is totally different in this case. When the user enters the cardinals of his account in the login section.

A message appears on the screen that Redeeming process is completed But The User name and password of our account are gone to the admin of the fraud website. After some time they change our password and recovery the E-mail and Mobile number associated with the social account. And the account of the user is gone in this case PUBG Mobile support team cannot help us because we gave away our password and user id. And after 7 days they unlink our Social account and deactivate it and add their account to the game. This Is not only happen in PUBG in other games like Fortnite, Garena Free Fire, COD, etc also this type of fraud happens daily.

So Always Use safe methods to add UC or Purchase any in-game items In PUBG Mobile.

How to Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile 2023

Let’s briefly explore the importance of UC in PUBG Mobile before getting into how to get free UC. Through UC, players can acquire unique cosmetics, weapon skins, character clothing, and other stuff. It improves the overall game experience and gives players a sense of accomplishment and customization.

Participate in In-Game Events

Participating actively in in-game events is one of the best methods to win free UC in PUBG Mobile. The creators frequently plan occasions where players can receive UC rewards for completing particular tasks or hitting certain benchmarks. These occasions may include completing missions, competing in competitions, or achieving a certain rank in the game. To stay informed about the most recent chances to earn UC, keep an eye on the in-game announcements and event sections.

Utilize Reward Programs and Apps

Utilizing incentive programs and apps is another trustworthy way to get free UC. Many websites and apps reward users with virtual currency or gift cards for doing various tasks, such as viewing videos, answering surveys, or installing and experimenting with new programs. By earning these prizes, you can exchange them for UC gift cards and take use of the PUBG Mobile features.

Join Online Giveaways and Contests

To earn free UC in PUBG Mobile, taking part in online giveaways and competitions can be a terrific option. You can enter giveaways hosted by a variety of content producers, gaming communities, and social media influencers periodically for a chance to win UC vouchers or other priceless in-game products. To identify such opportunities, keep an eye on well-known gaming forums, social networking sites, and YouTube channels.

Can we add unknown cash (UC) in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) by midasbuy?

NO, as we know we can add UC in PUBG Mobile with the help of midasbuy website. But we cannot add unknown cash (UC) in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) with the help of midasbuy because PUBG mobile is banned in India and there is no method to add unknown cash (UC) play using the website in Battlegrounds Mobile India we can only add unknown cash (UC) by Google Play store.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on Midasbuy PUBG Mobile And BGMI

Are the new BGMI UC prices upgraded?

Yes, the price of UC is upgraded in BGMI and it is less than the previous price of the UC in PUBG Mobile.

Is there any other way to purchase BGMI UC?

Yes, there are many other ways to purchase UC in BGMI, But the safer method is in-game purchase with the help of the Google play store.

Can you buy UC for BGMI in Midasbuy?

No, As a result, gamers in BGMI can purchase UC in the future if BGMI is listed on the Midasbuy website. The BGMI early access has been launched, and players have a variety of methods for purchasing UC in the game

How can I get UC in BGMI and PUBG Mobile for free?

Yes, we can get free UC by genuine method with the help of Google opinion rewards. This is an app in which we get money by submitting google surveys. Also, we can redeem them in the google play store or we can buy UC from them because they directly transfer money to our mail id associated with the google play store.

Can we Gift UC to friends in BGMI and PUBG Mobile?

Unfortunately no, We cannot Gift our friends UC in BGMI but we can gift outfits, scrap coupons, and even a Royal Pass and an X-SUIT also.

What is the price of UC in BGMI and PUBG Mobile?

For Android users, the price of 60UC is 75 INR/ 0.984 USD and for ios users, it is near about 89 INR/ 1.167 USD. In Pubg Mobile price of 60UC is 78.14 INR

What is the cost of 300 UC in PUBG?

The cost for 300 UC in USD is $4.99 and in INR it is 371.17. While in BGMI it is 380 INR.

Is BGMI banned In India ?

No, Now it is not banned in India.

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