Comparing Kahoot vs Blooket: Which Game-Based Learning Platform is Right for You?

Blooket and Kahoot both are educational platforms. Blooket offers various quizzes and games to enhance learning. Kahoot enables teachers to create engaging quizzes, polls, and surveys for students. Similarly, blooket allows teachers to create interactive content, and students can participate by using unique game codes. In Kahoot, players also use a unique PIN to join.

You might be confused between Kahoot and  Blooket. Here we have an elaborate  Kahoot vs Blooket: 

Characteristics Kahoot Blooket
Game Formats Kahoot primarily offers multiple-choice quizzes, true/false questions, and surveys. It is designed for live, real-time gameplay in a competitive format. Blooket offers a wider variety of game formats, including trivia, word games, and flashcards. It also provides the option for individual or team-based play.
Game Modes Kahoot mainly emphasizes competitive gameplay. In this players compete against each other to answer questions. An integral part of this game is the speed of players. Blooket offers both competitive and collaborative modes. In collaborative mode, students work together to answer questions and achieve a collective goal.
Game Customization: Kahoot allows users to create and customize their own quizzes with a variety of question types. It also has options for adding images and videos to questions. Blooket offers more customization options, allowing users to create games with custom questions, answers, and themes. It also supports image and GIF integration.
Power-Ups and Items: Kahoot does not have a feature for power-ups or items in its games. Blooket includes a unique feature where players can earn and use in-game items and power-ups to gain advantages during the game.
Learning Modes: Kahoot is primarily used for formative assessment and review. It is effective for testing and reinforcing knowledge. Blooket can be used for both formative and summative assessment, but it also provides tools for teaching new content through flashcards and study sets.
Integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS): Kahoot can be integrated with various LMS platforms, allowing educators to seamlessly incorporate Kahoot quizzes into their existing teaching materials. Blooket also offers LMS integration, making it easy for educators to incorporate Blooket games into their curriculum.
Pricing and Monetization: Kahoot has both free and paid plans. The paid plans, including Kahoot! Plus and Kahoot! Pro, offers additional features and customization options. Blooket offers both free and paid versions. The paid version, Blooket Premium, provides access to advanced features and additional game content.
Reports and Analytics: Kahoot provides detailed reports on student performance, including individual and group statistics, which can be useful for assessing learning outcomes. Blooket provides student performance and engagement metrics. It also allows educators to track progress and discover areas for growth.

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