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Imagine yourself securing an esteemable position in your career. How does it feel? For sure, you’ll feel ecstatic! Just see how a simple imagination has made you feel so happy. If you have set your heart on the desire to become a successful person, then never lay back when it comes to doing hard work. Your assiduousness can help you enter these elite forces and serve your motherland. To help aspirants, we have mentioned some powerful hacks of 92career in this article to ace exam preparation. If you want to achieve success, then read this article gingerly. We hope that by following the 92career  hacks mentioned in this article you can come closer to your dreams of becoming a successful personnel.

Go through the following points to know some of the powerful 92career hacks for a fortunate career:

Every aspirant starts exam preparation with the intention to crack the exam. If you are one of them, then try the following hacks while preparing for the exam. For sure, it can help you prepare perfectly for the exams.

Collect Exact Information

Collect Exact Information

Before you dive into exam preparation, you need to collect updated exam information. To get it, you need to keep a close check on exam notifications. If you miss the official notification, try to visit the official websites of exam conducting bodies. You can easily get appropriate information from official websites. With this information, you can buy the right study materials. Also, you can make a suitable study routine for yourself. Therefore, you can’t skip this step to start your exam preparation. So, start your exam preparation in a better way through 92career hacks by getting this information. Making creative notes and practising the tests are also best to achieve success in exams .

Get Creative with Your Notes

This is certain that you’ll make notes of every subject while preparing for the exam. So, make sure the notes you are making are interesting and creative. Here are a few tips you can follow to make your notes creative:

  • Use colourful pens to make headings in your notes.
  • Write an explanation with a simple blue ball pen.
  • While explaining a topic in your notes, you can write some examples with it. Try to make your own examples instead of copying them.
  • Write your notes in simple language. If you use a hard word, you should explain it in your notes.
  • In your notes, you can underline pivotal definitions.

In the final hours of study, these notes can be invaluable for reviewing key concepts.

Do Practice Tests

Your primary priority should be finishing the exam syllabus on time. After completing the exam syllabus, you need to solve enough practice tests. You can get these practice tests from various websites for free. Also, you can buy test series at a reasonable price from a reliable source. The biggest benefit of solving practice tests is that it can improve your speed and accuracy.

Get Rid of Distractions

Get Rid of Distractions

There are high chances you can get distracted while preparing for the exam. It is very important to get rid of distractions. First, you need to choose a study spot that is peaceful and warm. Also, it is advisable to keep your phone off during the study hours. If you are frittering your time over social media, then limit the use of social media. You can choose to replace every social media app with an exam preparation app.

Have a Look at Previous Year’s Papers

Papers from prior years can give you an accurate impression of any exam. In order to prepare for the test, try to go through at least ten to fifteen of the previous year’s papers. For better practice, you can choose to solve these previous year’s papers as well. Through previous year’s papers, you can easily analyze the most common questions asked in the exam. Therefore, you can prepare for the exams according to that. Keep in mind that reviewing past year’s exam papers is an essential part of exam preparation. You can find these papers on a reliable website.

Seek Help from a Reliable Coaching Institute

Many applicants require appropriate direction in order to get ready for the test. Do you need proper conditioning to prepare for the exams? If yes, then 92career advises you to seek help from a coaching institute. Teachers can clear your every doubt. Also, dedicated ideal hours for self-study as well also required. This way you can easily crack the exam in the first attempt.

Take a Walk

Go for a walk outside your home and get some fresh air. It can aid in refreshing your mind. Also, it can increase your energy levels. Avoid taking your phone with you. There are chances you’ll keep checking your phone instead of getting relaxed. Walking will not take more than 25-30 minutes. Go for a walk during the evening. It can keep you physically as well as mentally fit.

Never Study More Than 90 Minutes

Some candidates believe that studying for long hours can help them study effectively. Do you believe the same thing? If yes, then stop believing this. After studying for 90 minutes, the retention capacity of your brain decreases. Therefore, it is better to study for 90 minutes regularly and then take a short break. Also, you need to take care of this thing that you should not extend the time of your short break. This will prevent you from finishing the exam syllabus on time.It is advisable to not stretch your short break beyond 20 minutes.

Use Short Breaks for Scrolling Social Media

Scrolling Social Media

We all love scrolling social media. But, it is the biggest distraction while preparing for the exam. So, try to keep short breaks for using social media. This will prevent you from finishing the exam syllabus on time.Also, it is advisable to turn off the notifications of your social media apps during study hours. Note that a single notification is enough to falter your attention. So, make sure your notifications are mute during study hours.

Spend Quality Time with Your Family and Friends

Candidates hardly get time to spend with their family and friends while preparing for the exam. So, they can use their short breaks to talk with their closed ones. They can talk about the things that give them stress and anxiety. Also, they ask for valuable suggestions from them to deal with exam anxiety.  Doing this can lighten your mind and encourage you to prepare effectively for the exam. Moreover, it can become easy to focus during your study hours.

Use Your Break to Declutter Your Study Area

When you study in a neat and clean study area, it becomes easy for you to focus. So, use your short breaks to clean your study room. Always keep your study room organized. Make sure your study notes are not scattered here and there. Manage your books and notes properly. It can help you study better and with focus. You can make one of your breaks 10 minutes longer and make your study room an ideal workplace. For sure, it can help you prepare effectively for the exam.

Have a Nap

You can use your short break to take a nap. Closing your eyes for some time and relaxing your mind can help you focus better during study hours. But, make sure your nap doesn’t get converted into 2-3 hours of sleep. It can waste time and prevent you from meeting daily goals.To make your nap effective, you can diffuse aroma oils in your room. Also, you can turn on soothing music to relax your mind. This is an effective technique that can give you relief from exam stress and anxiety.

Let’s discuss those 92career techniques that can relax you:

Don’t Neglect Your Sleep

Don’t Neglect Your Sleep

The vast majority of test takers forego sleep. Note that a restless mind is never ready to study effectively. Therefore, as per the 92career rule, it is better to relish sound sleep of at least 8 hours every day. It’s also necessary for you to get quality sleep. Are you able to accomplish that? Aim to turn off all electronic gadgets at least 60 minutes before bedtime.

Listening to Motivational Podcasts

Do you have a smartphone? If yes, then download an app on your smartphone to listen to some motivational podcasts. The whole preparation process is very boring and tiring. So, it’s better to rejuvenate yourself by listening to some motivational podcasts according to 92career. Here is a list of some popular and motivational podcasts:

  • The art of charm
  • Hidden Brain.
  • The School of Greatness.
  • Happier with Gretchen Rubin
  • On Purpose.
  • The Tim Ferriss Show

These are some of the motivational podcasts that can amp up your efficiency to prepare for the exams.

Practicing Mindfulness

You can practice mindfulness by doing yoga and meditation. This is an excellent method for increasing focus and clearing your head.You just need 10 minutes to practice meditation. Here are some of the health benefits of meditation:

  • Maintains blood pressure
  • Treats insomnia
  • Reduces migraine
  • Fights depression
  • Controls blood sugar


We hope that these powerful hacks of 92career can help you prepare for the exams excellently. So, try to follow above mention tips and crack the exam with flying colours.

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