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US: cyber talks with China and Russia

Patrick Chappatte, NZZ am Sonntag Progress in cyber talks with China and Russia, says US Reuters | May 15, 2013 The United States has made substantial progress in recent talks on computer hacking issues with both China and Russia, a White House official told the Reuters Cybersecurity Summit on Tuesday. Michael Daniel, the Obama administration’s cybersecurity […]

The Tsarnaev brothers, according to DEBKAfile

The Tsarnaev brothers were double agents who decoyed US into terror trap DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis, April 20, 2013, 4:39 PM (GMT+02:00) The big questions buzzing over Boston Bombers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev have a single answer: It emerged in the 102 tense hours between the twin Boston Marathon bombings Monday, April 15 – which left three […]

Repairing U.S.-Russia Relations

Repairing U.S.-Russia Relations Interviewee: Jack F. Matlock, Jr., Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Interviewer: Bernard Gwertzman, Consulting Editor – Council on Foreign Relations April 18, 2013 Diplomatic relations between Washington and Moscow have chilled markedly over the past year, beset most recently by U.S. legislation known as the Magnitsky Act, which imposed sanctions on a list of […]