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diciembre 06

Strange Bedfellows: Hungarian Jobbik Party Embraces Islam Nations

Hungarian Far-Right Jobbik Party Embraces Muslim Nations, Seeks 'Eurasian' Ideal Of Statehood (2013) — GReHA (@HistoriaActual) February 20, 2015 Anuncios

Accession to the EU: Serbia should ‘’Icelandize’’ its European policy

Accession to the EU: Serbia should ‘’Icelandize’’ its European policy IBNA INTERVIEW – Živadin Jovanović, former Yugoslav Foreign Minister By Miloš Mitrović – Belgrade “After the European Union Council had announced the start of the accession negotiations with Serbia, the statements by the EU representatives in this regard were mainly general. They said that the […]

TAP Wins on Nabucco: A Total Defeat for the EU

TAP Wins on Nabucco: A Total Defeat for the EU Matteo Cazzulani, EastBook, 5.07.2013 The choice of Trans Adriatic Pipeline as the unique pipeline to pump Azerbaijani gas to Europe is economically convenient to reach Northern European energy markets. However, the exclusion of Nabucco is a total defeat of the EU projects to diversify gas […]

Romania warns of independent energy policy after Nabucco failure

Natural gas and oil deposits  found in the Black Sea. Honorary Consulate of Romania, Boston Romania warns of independent energy policy after Nabucco failure By Daniel Stroe, Bucharest, Independent Balkan News Agency, 28.06.2013 The Romanian President Traian Basescu today pointed out he had informed the European Council that Romania will redefine its energy policy based […]

Bulgaria’s system mirrors its neighbours

A Bulgarian family works in an agricultural field on the outskirts of Sofia on 13 May, 2013. | AFP PHOTO / Dimitar Dilkoff Bulgaria’s system mirrors its neighbours By Peter Taberner | NewEurope, May 26, 2013 Pensions may not currently be a hot topic of conversation in Bulgaria as the current political impasse continues, where a government […]

Quality of government in EU regions

Quality of government in EU regions By Lewis Dijkstra / European Commision / Inforegio Short Note 01/2011 – Regio.c.3(2011)422425 This short note summarises the main findings of a study on Quality of Government (QoG) and subnational variation in the EU recently concluded by the Gothenburg Quality of Government Institute in Sweden for DG REGIO.

Revisiting Colour Revolutions

Slovenia: next playground for NED operatives? Graffiti in Ljubljana, presumibly made by Odbor VLV, during the recent demonstrations Revisiting Colour Revolutions Carlos González Villa, Ljubljana, April 25, 2013 Over the last years, systemic world crisis has shaped political processes and has determined global approaches of the sole superpower of the Post-Cold War. In this context, […]