Sanaa Professor Predicts Imminent Military Coup in Yemen

Yemen_3a_BrigadaBrigadier General Abdulrahman al-Halili taking officially command of the 3rd RG Brigade, June 2012. Read also: “One killed as rival Yemeni soldiers clash in Sana’a”

Sanaa Professor Predicts Imminent Military Coup in Yemen

Al Monitor, August 9, 2013

First published: Al-Tagheer (Yemen), August 5, 2013

Dr. Tarek Mustafa Salam, the secretary-general of the Center for Development and Gender at Sanaa University, revealed that military leaders loyal to former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh have made preparations for an imminent military coup. The zero hour of these plans has not yet been decided, but is expected to take place if the comprehensive National Dialogue Conference fails to produce results or if elections are postponed.

In an article published by Al-Tagheer, Salam wrote that the Al-Sabeen incident, led by the disbanded Republican Guard, was undoubtedly the precursor to an upcoming significant and dangerous event being prepared for a long time now by Saleh. He clarified by saying, “I personally was warned [of an impending danger being concocted against the people and country] by a friend with close ties to the Saleh family. Yes, he warned me last Monday [July 29] that such an incident was being feverishly readied by Saleh supporters in the ranks of the army and security forces.”

Salam continued, “We are puzzled as to the circumstances that necessitated steps and exploratory measures be undertaken with such haste during the day on Friday and Sunday afternoon, when preliminary information surfaced about the Third Armored Brigade, led by Gen. Abdul Rahman al-Halili, preparing to lead the way in a coup against President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi and constitutional legitimacy — when it refused to comply with orders issued last Friday directing it to perform its military duty [by repositioning itself] and repel attempts to storm the Yemeni Presidential Residence.”

Salam wondered, “Was this the result of information leaking about the conspiratorial scheme that was being prepared in absolute secrecy? Or was it due to other completely unrelated factors pertaining to President Hadi’s current tour abroad and the results that may ensue? Was it maybe a manifestation of both, or did it occur as a result of a previously set timetable governing the plot? Or was it due to a fourth as of yet undetermined factor?”

The secretary-general of the Center for Development at Sanaa University asked President Hadi not to ignore the issue and to confront the treacherous beast, keep an eye on the ongoing scheming and foil the conspirators’ deceitful plots. He also called on him to bolster contacts with the brothers in the United Arab Emirates and the great sisterly neighbor [Saudi Arabia], and not content himself with the relationship he has with his Qatari backers and supporters. It is necessary to conduct urgent visits to Abu Dhabi and Riyadh to alleviate the tensions that currently exist between all three capitals [thereby openly bolstering relations], and thwart Saleh’s plans aimed at keeping them strained to exploit them.

Addressing President Hadi, Salam said, “Be vigilant and face the treacherous murderous beast. Do not distract yourself with other trivial issues, or with reviving old rivalries and creating new ones with allied or hostile parties or factions at home or abroad. This is exactly what the treacherous beast craves and desires.”

Salam concluded his article by saying, “The aforementioned is but a piece of information that was leaked to us by reliable sources with very close ties to Saleh’s family. Still, it is the responsibility of the competent security agencies to ascertain its validity, repercussions and influence on the facts on the ground.”