Secret Syria War Plan To Balkanize Syria And Turkey


US – Russian Relations deteriorating as Kuwaiti Whistle Blower Discloses Secret Syria War-Plan

Excerpt from the original article published by nsnbc ìnternational last March 12, 2013


Faisal al-Hamad has, according to the German, independent media Die Evidenz, stated, that a separate and secret agreement had been signed at the sidelines of the Friends of Syria meeting in Doha. In several blog posts and social media, so Die Evidenz, al-Hamad has stated, that a separeate agreement had been signed between the Foreign Mister of Qatar, Hamad Bin Jassim Al-Thani, the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmad Dauvutoglu, Abdulla bin Zayid Al Nahyan, the american Ambassador Robert Ford, the opposition member Riyad Saif, and the representative of the council of Istanbul´s Muslim Brotherhood organization Mohammed Riad Shaqfeh.

The agreement, so al-Hamad, contains several points, such as a division of Syria into several smaller states with so-called moderate Islamist governments, the permanent annexation of the disputed Hatay region by Turkey, a reduction of the Syrian military forces to maximum 50,000 troops and other, which coincide with recent analysis by Dr. Perencik and Major Agha H. Amin.

So far, nsnbc has not been able to independently confirm the statements of al-Hamad. The details of the purported secret separate agreement however, coincide with an evaluation of the Pakistani security consultant and retired Major of Pakistan´s Armed Forces, Major Agha H. Amin, according to whose analysis the war in Syria is part of a greater US/NATO project toward the establishment of a Kurdish Corridor and a NATO corridor from the Mediterranean to India, discussed in a recent interview with the scribe. According to Major Agha H. Amin, Turkey will first be used as a basis for dividing Syria, whereafter Turkey will be divided into smaller states, to establish a Kurdish Corridor. The next phase, so Amin, will be the establsihment of a NATO corridor along the oil-rich underbelly of Russia and China, from the Mediterranean to Baluchistan, Pakistan

The statements of al-Hamad are also consistent with the Greater Middle East Project, developed by the RAND Corporation for the US Department of Defense in 1996. The Chairman of Turkey´s Workers´Party and lawyer Dr. Dogun Perencik has in several articles and statements emphasized, that the war on Syria is aiming at dividing Syria into smaller states first, and to divide Turkey into smaller states afterwards. 

Although the statements of the member the general secretariat of Kuwait´s National Party, Faisal al-Hamad, don´t reveal details of strategies which have not been known for years, there are two points  that make them noteworthy, which are likely to further aggravate the dispute between the USA and Russia.

If al-Hamad´s statements can be independently confirmed, they constitute direct evidence for, that the Syria part of the USA´s Greater Middle East Project is being implemented and precisely by whom, under which conditionalities.

If al-Hamad´s statements can be confirmed, which is not unlikely, they are also direct evidence of, that the USA is committed to wage a series of low-intensity conflicts along the soft, oil-rich underbelly of Russia and China, from the Mediterranean to Baluchistan, in preparation of an ultimate war, directed against Russia and China. Recent declarations by the US administration, that it will significantly reduce the number of troops deployed abroad, and that the USA will reduce defense spending, are also consistent with the war-plan, which is based on waging low-intensity conflicts with irregular, mercenary troops, proxies and state-sponsored terrorist organizations, under the umbrella of a US/NATO missile shield from Northern Europe to India.

Understood from that perspective, the statements of al-Hamad are not only a courageous act of disclosure, they are also equivalent to the disclosure of a secret, implicit declaration of war on Russia, and explanatory for the continued deterioration in US – Russian relations.