Kosovo, ¿de nuevo?

Cuando se cumplen veinte años  de la Guerra de los Diez Días en Eslovenia, tropas de ese país patrullan por Kosovo. No deja de ser paradójico que en los años ochenta, la República Socialista de Eslovenia retirara sus fuerzas de policía de Kosovo, como medida de protesta

Desde Kosovo, María nos remite la siguiente alerta:

URGENT GOVERNMENT MEETING. All TV channels and dailies report that Prime Minister Hashim Thaci called for an urgent Kosovo Government meeting after he met the EU facilitator to the talks with Serbia Robert Cooper. Thaci said that at Gates 1 and 31 the Kosovo Customs will perform their duties in accordance with the Kosovo Constitution and laws. “We presented the stance of the state of Kosovo – that there will be no partition of Kosovo, no changes to Kosovo either de jure or de facto,” said Thaci. “Serbia’s intentions to partition Kosovo are objected under any circumstances, at any price by the state of Kosovo and the international community. Discussions about the Kosovo borders would definitely mean discussions about the borders of the whole region – and our region and every state in the region has a problem called Mitrovica. We are for opening of the borders but absolutely not about changing them.” According to Thaci, Gates 1 and 31 could be political and election-related issue for Belgrade but to Pristina these are crucial things. Thaci also said that Kosovo is committed to continuing its EU integration road, but he also made it clear that the EU should have a clear stance on Kosovo’s EU integration. “We should trust to realities and not to empty words for European integration,” he said. “Kosovo needs and must have a clear EU agenda. Brussels should be very clear about Kosovo. Kosovo is a state – there are no half states and this should be clear to the EU.” As far as EULEX is concerned, Thaci said that at the meeting with Cooper it was emphasized that this mission should respect laws, Constitution and institutions of the Republic of Kosovo. He also said that everybody likes to see EULEX being successful “but that success can be achieved through joint commitments with the Kosovo Institutions.” KTV reports that Cooper did not address the media.